Access from Fukuoka Airport

Route (Approximately 3 hours)

Fukuoka International Airport→(On foot)→Fukuoka Airport Metro Station→(6 minutes by metro)→JR Hakata Station→(1 hour 30 minutes by Limited Express) →JR Isahaya Station→(1 hour by bus)→Unzen Fukudaya
Fukuoka International Airport

How to get to Hakata station from Fukuoka Airport

  • 1. After exiting, head for "Exit 4".
  • 2. Board the free Domestic Terminal/ Fukuoka Airport Metro Station <-> International Terminal connection bus.
  • 3. Alight at the terminus "Domestic Passenger Terminal Building"
  • 4. Walk from "Domestic Passenger Terminal Building" to "Fukuoka Airport Metro Station"
  • 5. Upon reaching the platform of the station, purchase a (Metro Line: 260 yen) ticket from the automatic ticket vending machine.
  • 6. Wait for the metro at "Platform number 2"
  • 7. Alight at "Hakata station" and head for the "Central Exit"

On foot
Fukuoka Airport Metro Station

6 minutes by metro
JR Hakata Station

How to get on the Limited Express Train

  • 1. Purchase your ticket from "Ticket Reservation Office"
  • [How to purchase the ticket]

    • 1. The automatic ticket vending machine supports English, Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese and Korean languages.
    • 2. Select "Reserved Seat"
    • 3. Select "Conventional Train Line Reserved Seat"
    • 4. Select "For Nagasaki/Sasebo"
    • 5. Select "From Hakata"
    • 6. Select "Isahaya"
    • 7. Select the "date" -> "boarding time" -> "number of people", and purchase.
  • 2. Board the Limited Express Train for Nagasaki on the Nagasaki Line after entering the JR line ticket gate.

1 hour by Limited Express
JR Isahaya Station

Explanation of the JR Isahaya Station bus stop

  • 1. After exiting the ticket gate of Isahaya Station, head for the Nagasaki Prefecture Bus Service Isahaya Terminal. (1 minute on foot)
  • 2. At the "Shima Tetsu Bus Ticket" ticket vending machine, purchase the "1,350 yen (For child 650 yen)" ticket.
  • 3. Board the bus for "Unzen" at "Platform number 3".
  • 4. Alight at "Nishi Iriguchi". This hotel is across the bus stop."

1 hour by bus
Unzen Fukudaya